Mrs. Weinberg

First grade- Room 112

I hope you had a great weekend! A few notes for the week.

  • Complete the book log weekly.
  • ST Math Home is now available. Please take time to play ST Math at home.  If you are having any trouble please let me know and I will send an email by Thursday to the administrators of the site with all of the problems.  
  • Starting today I will post the weekly overview only on the classroom blog. The blog is available on the Ray School website through the classrooms link.Please email me at if you would like a weekly hard copy.
  • Please return the Family Heritage homework.
  • Please send a note with your child following a day of absence. We are starting an incentive program for students who have good attendance.
  • Library is on Fridays. Please return library books on Fridays.


This week we will continue to do close reading activities. We will read and analyze the story The Keeping Qulit. We will focus specifically on visualizing and comparing and contrasting. We will learn about the long sound e (spelled ee and ea) and brainstorm words with the digraphs ng and nk. We will also focus on words with the phonograms -ean and -ink. We will start a new unit on opinion writing.


In math we will work on adding 2 digit numbers using base 10 blocks for modeling. We will play several math games that focus on practicing the easy facts. We will work on +0, +1, doubles facts and facts with a sum of 10. In science we will continue with our unit on living things. We will plant a seed and record predictions about what we will observe. We will compare plants and animals and discuss how their needs are similar and different. We will read The Tiny Seed. In social studies we will learn about family traditions.

Have a great week!



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